summary-racing-rules-no-textNew rulebook is coming soon. But already now we can give you a short summary of the new rules:


To cut some time off the admin the startnumber classes has been put together. For example if you have startnumber 5 in snocross class Pro Stock, you will also have number 5 when you compete in hillclimb or cross country. Until 31:st of October the numbers are locked for those who used them previous season in the admin system SVEMO TA. From the 1:st of november all unbooked numbers will be free too book for anyone. The priority follows:

  • Swedish drivers are in priority before foreign drivers.
  • Elite drivers are in priority before senior and junior drivers.
  • Drivers that took places 1-3 in last seasons Snocross Swedish Championship are in priority in for those numbers next season.
  • Snocross drivers are in priority before hillclimb and cross country drivers.
  • If priority order above can determine the right to a certain number, contact with concerned drivers can be taken to share a number.

Swedish driver who competes internationally in other countries top division can get elite licence after application to SVEMO Snowmobile Section.

SVEMO Snowmobile Section has the right to revoke elite licence.

In classes Pro Open and Racer you can use a fuel with free option of octane rating, oxygene content and density. As long as the fuel is provided from a fule supplier in it´s original content.

Larger whoops are allowed in both snocross and hillclimb.

Clarification about yellow flag: It is allowed to pass lapped driver if he/she makes room to pass in a safe way.


Swedish Championship consists of three qualification race and one final. Every qualification race generates points that the 16 best drivers then takes with them to the final. Every heat in the final is worth double points opposite each qualification race final heat. This adjustment is made to get the drivers to compete in all the qualification race, but well in the Swedish Championship final, those points will be more.

In Swedish Championship qualification race the top three in each class will get machine maintanance. SVEMO Snowmobile Section will provide machine maintanance in the Swedish Championship final.

Sweden Cup is arranged as earlier with three qualification race in the North division and three qualification race in the South divison. The eight best drivers from each division and class will meet in a joint final (the same weekend as the SC-final). The class Semi Pro Open will be terminated due to low participation recent years.

Swedish Supercross Championship is arranged at the Swedish Championship Week in Örebro week number 5 2015. This year the championship is open only to drivers with Swedish licence and who are competing for a Swedish snowmobile och motor club. Top 10 from SSC 2014 are directly qualified and the 20 remaining drivers are nominated by SVEMO Snowmobile Section.


Swedish Championship/National Championship is arranged with three qualification race in the North divison and the South division. The eight best drivers from each division and class will meet in a joint final.

Pro Open will be terminated as SC-class. Drivers with Pro Open machines are allowed to compete in the Racer class.

National Championship status is held in classes Youth 12-14, Youth 14-16, Sport 800 and Sport 800 Ladies.

It´s not allowed to double in a SC-class and in a NC-class.

Cross Country

Swedish Championship is held with one or several race where the points is added together to a final standing.

The SC-classes are Pro Stock and Sport 800.

SVEMO Snowmobile Section